The human behind the projects

Hello there! I'm Tomiwa Ajiboye, a Product Designer based in Saskatchewan, Canada. I also go by the nicknames Topboy (given to me by my high school pals) and Tommy (newer friends call me this).

I transitioned to Software Design after completing my Bachelor's degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering because of a newfound passion for Tech. I’m now building a career at the intersection of Design, Tech and Marketing.

My journey as a software designer kicked off in 2020 when Ope started wuruwuru. He created wuruwuru as a playground to explore ideas centred around design, art and media in the Nigerian ecosystem, and it has grown to become a community studio where we make passion projects with independent creators.

Working with talented individuals from diverse backgrounds has shaped me into a designer that prioritizes understanding clients’ needs in order to deliver effective solutions. The projects I've worked on have also taught me how to acquire new skills and learn new tools required to take on any tasks assigned to me.

Aside from my work as a designer, some of my biggest interests are:


Some will say writing is you documenting for your future self. Asides from writing about my work process, I also write to process my thoughts and ground myself. In 2021, I started keeping a daily journal to keep track of my growth as an adult, and I ended up doing this for 420 days consecutively. This helped me reflect on how much work I’d put into developing myself, and significantly improved my ability to articulate myself.


Music is food for my soul. It’s a universal language that connects us in ways words cannot fully explain. When a song resonates with my soul, there’s a surreal feeling that comes along with it, and I can almost tell within the first 20-30 seconds of hearing a new song if I’m going to like it.
For me, the type of music that resonates is rarely about the lyrics. It’s the beat, the rhythm and the flow of how everything syncs together to create a beautiful piece of art that’s pleasing to the auditory senses.

Art & Design

A go-to first date idea for me will always be to attend an art exhibition. When I was younger, I wanted to be an artist of some sort. However, artists didn't make a lot of money back in those days, so my parents convinced me to pursue a career in engineering based on their own life experiences. While studying engineering, I always felt like a creative trying to break into a strictly theoretical world, but it wasn’t terrible as I was able to adapt. I was lucky enough to realize I didn’t want to feel like an imposter for most of my life so I used my final year to explore different career paths that stood out to me. I chose User Experience Design because it involves combining the ability to create visually compelling assets and seamless experiences that solve people’s problems with minimal theoretical rules to follow.


I really love sports in all its forms. Sports never fail to captivate my interest, whether it's the complexities of gameplay or the sheer physicality. Throughout the years, I've actively participated in a variety of sports, including Football, Basketball, Tennis, Cycling and long-distance running. If the environment I grew up in supported it, I probably would be pursuing a career as a professional athlete.


While I've not done a lot of travelling, I am deeply fascinated by the idea of living in different parts of the world. I’d love to learn about different cultures and languages that resonates strongly with me, and I'm curious to expand my mind to understanding the experiences that have shaped people to be who they are.


Once I've attained a certain level of financial stability and gained ample teamwork experience, my goal is to return to school to study Psychology. I see myself as someone who understands emotions well and is curious about why people behave the way they do and what makes each person unique. I believe that studying psychology will enhance my understanding of the world and provide me with a clearer perspective.

Other hobbies and interests I explore:

The environment and it's sustainability
Paddle Boarding
Mixed Martial Arts
Automobile Racing

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