Product Ideation, Design, Marketing
Comicrunes is a books-as-a-service platform where graphic book readers can read their favourite creators' graphic books, purchase them, and browse through a catalogue of popular graphic books from all over the world.
Comicrunes Cover Photo
Project Goal
Our goal with Comicrunes is to bridge the gap between artists, graphic book creators, and their readers in Africa. Comicrunes aims to provide a space for creators to connect with fans and fellow artists while offering readers the opportunity to explore and discover new talents within the graphic book community.
My Role
As we build this business, I wear several hats, each contributing to our success. My primary responsibilities include product design, marketing strategy and project management.
The product is divided into three (3) parts:
The public website where users can browse through and read their favourite graphic books
- The dashboard : an internal tool to manage graphic books, upload graphic book information, and oversee every aspect of the site.
- The creator’s portal ; where the graphic book creators publish their work, see their metrics and analytics, and manage how readers interact with their content.

After creating Product Requirement Documents (PRDs) and User Stories, we employed the agile software development practice to design and develop the dashboard first because it’s the backbone of the product.

Branding and Design System

Vanny established the brand’s identity by designing a logo, selecting appropriate typography and colours, and crafting a design system with custom elements to ensure visual consistency throughout the product.
Elements in Comicrunes Design System
Design System

Dashboard Ideation

I focused on defining product requirements and ensuring a seamless user experience, while Vanny leveraged his exceptional visual design skills to create visual concepts. The Product Requirement Document (PRD) and User Story documents I developed established the design goals and guided the engineering process, enabling the team to work together effectively and efficiently.

Dashboard Wireframes and Concept Design

I created sketches for each dashboard page to guide the design process, and then shared these sketches with Vanny, who transformed them into concept designs.
Picture of Dashboard Wireframe Sketch
Comic Database Sketch
The concept designs are low-fidelity visual representations of the final product, incorporating elements from the design system. This approach ensures consistency and coherence across the various screens and sections of the dashboard.
Screenshot of dashbaord concept design screens
Concept Designs

Delivering the Dashboard Prototype to Engineering

After multiple rounds of iterating the dashboard design, we successfully reached a visually appealing and functional user experience that was ready for production. To ensure a smooth handoff to the engineering team, we created distinct states on the Figma board to provide detailed descriptions for each state. This facilitated a clear understanding for the engineers about the expected behaviour at every point of interaction with the product.
Screenshots of states in comicrunes dashboard
States in the comic upload flow
We are a team of young professionals at the early stage of our careers, enjoying the thrill of creating our own project that will evolve into a business. Our biggest hurdle has been the learning curve. We often make mistakes initially and then learn the correct approach later on. Although this can be challenging, it contributes significantly to the valuable insights we're gaining through this journey.
Current State
Currently, we have taken a pause in the development phase to channel our efforts into formulating a comprehensive business plan that will secure the necessary funds for sustaining this venture. Once we have mapped out a strategy for the project's seamless operation and profitability, we will resume development and proceed with building the public website.

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